MPBA Rules

It is our mission to provide all competitors with the best experience possible. Prior to attending an event, please review the event rules. Rules specific to PEWC Finals can be found at the bottom of this page.

MPBA Association By Laws and Rules

MPBA Productions Rules

RELEASE OF LIABILITY, INDEMNIFICATION AND RELEASE PERSONAL INJURY; This event is conducted by Midwest Pole Bending Association, a Minnesota LLC (“Company”).  By making entry as a participant, I hereby understand that no matter how careful the sponsors, officers, directors, or participants may be, my injury or death, as well as that of my horse, or my child is a possibility.  Furthermore, I, as a participant (or parent/guardian of a participant) agree to hold harmless the Company, its agents, management, contractors and employees from any expense, cause of action, damage, or claim of damage (including any legal fees) of any kind whatsoever, which I might assert as a result of my  (or my child’s) injury, death or claim


PEWC Finals Rules


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